Monster ‘great white shark’ feared to be prowling British coast after two dead dolphins found at popular beach resort

A monster great white is feared to be prowling off the British coast after two dead dolphins were found at a popular beach resort.

The dolphins’ corpses were discovered at Great Yarmouth in Norfolk – one, near the rollercoaster on the south beach – at the weekend.

They are the latest in a string of bodies mysteriously washed up in recent years, with a half-eaten 4ft-long seal found nearby in 2017.

Massive teeth marks had been gouged in the seal’s flesh, where something lurking in the deep had apparently ripped into it.

Great whites, which prey on dolphins, porpoises and seals, live for 70 years and don’t start breeding until they’re about fifteen.

One of the dead dolphins found at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, over the weekend


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